My name is Flory,I am another red balloon from a red sea called Cassiopeia.
My role may be small but my 5 Gods make me feel charished.I will never give up on them even if my heart is in pain.
"Doshite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Daro?" was the song that was like a spell casted on me since the first time I listened to it.
DBSK is not a simple boyband for me,it is a part of my life and nobady can erase that. Through them I learned abaut a lot of things abaut language,culture, customs and music of two countries.
K-pop and J-pop has become something I need everyday to survive.
YunJae is a couple that have my full support and I strongly believe that they are real.
I hope that someday they all will find their happiness.
I love other bands as well but they will never replace DBSK in my heart.
I also love cats,dogs,snakes and all animals in general.
Allways keep the faith.